Local Dr. Gets Help With The DRX.

Dear Dr. Dyches:

This letter is written to express my gratitude to you for your DRX 9000 treatment! I was injured five years ago and crushed my L4 vertebra. As a result of this injury, I had a recurring low back pain that got severe enough that I was unable to work or even stand for several days. I have always been an active person and have done several triathlons and races. I had been unable to recover enough to do the activities that I have always enjoyed. As a Doctor of Chiropractic I rely on my body to help other people. I went through your treatment program last year and have not had a reoccurrence since. Both your technique as a chiropractor and the DRX 9000 have made a huge difference in my life. What a great gift! Thank you very much.


Dr. James P. Von Hipple
Doctor of Chiropractic


"I feel like I have a new lease on life!"

I have to admit I was skeptical at first. How could this behemoth of a machine, the DRX 9000, help relieve my chronic back, hip and sciatic pain? I had been through all sorts of treatment regimes: acupuncture, massage, standard chiropractic, topical analgesic rubs, physical therapy and cortisone injections. While each one of these treatments offered some fleeting relief from pain, none provided me with the enduring relief that I was seeking.

It all made pretty good sense to me. The long-term treatment that included the DRX 9000 sequence of individually prescribed traction, which is then followed by strengthening and stretching to maintain the results, gained from traction. It seemed logical but I remained skeptical. I had looked into surgery and rejected this simply because I did not want to go through such an invasive procedure knowing that the results could be minimal.

One of the big challenges with my back has been the fact that I work with children who are 3, 4, and 5 years old. Needless to say that they are very little and I bend over many, many times a day, not to mention lifting and twisting. It seemed to me that whenever I did make some progress on my back I would injure it again due to poor body mechanics and weak muscles. I felt doomed to having pain most of the time. My quality of life was receding as I crossed off the activities that I had previously enjoyed. I could no longer dance all night. I had difficulty ice skating. I had also given up soccer several years ago when this all started. Sometimes it was difficult to sit through a movie. Worst of all was the fact that I was not getting the sleep I needed to function in my busy life. A good night's sleep was becoming an elusive commodity for me. I could fall asleep without any problems but I would awake with a pain in my hip, back or down my leg that made it impossible for me to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep. My life felt like one tired day turning into another fitful sleepless night. I was starting to become depressed and cranky. This was then spilling over into my family life and both my husband and son were noticing my bad moods.

I have been very happy with the results from my treatment. Dr. Dyches has proven himself to be an intelligent, compassionate and persistent problem solver as he has helped me through my process of healing. His integrity is evident in every visit as he takes time to listen to my concerns and to offer counsel and suggestions. He has my utmost respect as a chiropractor and human being. I am very grateful to him for helping me out of the cycle of pain and subsequent depression that I was in for several years. I would recommend his treatment regime that includes the DRX 9000. I feel like I have a new lease on life as I continue to be able to enjoy life. I now describe myself as someone who used to have back problems.

Jennifer W.

"Try anything you can!"

These are the words my doctor used after reading my lower back X-rays. He went on to give the reason: "After reading your X-rays, it appears that if nothing else works, the only thing left will be surgery and you want to avoid that if possible."

It all started in early April. I just got up one morning after a difficult night of trying to find a comfortable position, but the pain that spoiled that night's sleep just kept persisting. I initially thought that it would pass, as at any other time when back pain would strike. It might last a day or two, maybe a week, but never ever would it just be on-going, relentless and absolutely excruciating.

I started taking common pain-killers at first, such as Advil and Tylenol. Soon the gratuitous offerings of friends and colleagues would result in a tempting array of stronger pain-killers, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxants, under a broad range of brand-names, but essentially doing the same thing. This in turn, would lead to my very own inventory as prescribed by my doctor. The pain, however, did not subside, but all of the nasty side-effects persisted: extreme fatigue, nausea, and sleep deprivation.

I tried a vigilant program of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and some physiotherapy, all without any lasting relief, some with no relief at all. When you leave a major league sporting event, and have to stop on the way to your car and lean against the side of a building and wait for pain to subside; when you enter a shopping plaza and have to take a seat on the first bench you see, to keep from heading straight back to your car; when you do a host of things twenty-four seven, just to dodge back pain: you know you are ready to opt for something, even surgery, to get you out of your misery.

Then, in a local newspaper, I saw a small ad asking,"Do you suffer from back pain, sciatica?" It had a reference to 'spinal decompression.' There was something positive about that notion simply because without knowing what it was leading to, I immediately concluded that it might make sense, that is, if a spine can be decompressed, and compression was the source of my problem, the source of my pain, then this might be my remedy. I was hoping just too much that it was indeed the problem, even to the point that I was afraid to be disappointed. I ultimately made a decision to check it out, but then failed to cut out the ad and actually was unable to act upon my decision. Amazingly, three days later, my son came home and passed the same ad to me. His fiancé had seen it and cut it out.

I contacted Dr. Tim Dyches' office without delay, since by now it was the end of April and I was wondering how I could get through the summer without some form of relief. I arranged both an interview and obtained a copy of my X-ray to give to Dr. Dyches. I would begin immediately following the Memorial Day weekend, on a four day per week program tailored to my condition and the DRX9000 spinal decompression machine. I was not skeptical, but after such persistent pain for so many weeks, I just was fearful that it might not work.

The first treatments were painful going and coming. I was in pain when I walked in for the treatment , in pain during treatment, and, at first, only slightly relieved after the treatment. After just a few days I was relieved of the major portion of my lower central back pain, but still had significant discomfort toward the left hip and reduced, but still some tingling down the left leg. Then, day by day, week by week, all of my symptoms gradually reduced to near zero.

I began my "rehab", that is, doing prescribed exercises, rebuilding vital muscle tissue and commencing general exercise immediately after the last treatment, during a much needed holiday to Maui in early July. There, a combination of fitness center workouts at the hotel along with swimming and walking, gave me the realization that I was solidly on the road to getting my former life back. The big test was yet to come. I have played ice hockey and skated since I was four. In the summer, I play roller hockey with my sons. I thought: "Not yet, I don't want to risk a set back." Being pain free is one thing. I could never take that for granted, and would have been pleased just to be able to function at the basics without pain. Now, to actually resume vigorous activities seemed attainable but possibly harmful. So I waited.

The last week of July, I laced up a pair of roller blades and skated for fifteen minutes around the tennis court. Three days later, I played in a pick-up game with my sons and some friends. There were no problems or issues with pain, but it was clear that I did need to continue to rebuild muscle tissue in a steady and progressive manner, rather than all at once. I have now had the opportunity to do most everything that I used to do, although I have elected to forego running since I have too many friends and acquaintances that have bad knees and back problems which they feel have been induced by running. I favor exercise that has less direct impact on the joints, such as skating, swimming, biking, and walking. This past weekend, I went single path, mountain biking, uphill and downhill, with no side-effects.

I would recommend Dr. Timothy Dyches and the DRX9000 program to anyone who suffers from back pain. The evaluation process is straight forward, and he proceeds to treatment based on the feasibility of success. He also does follow up consultation, without charge, to make sure that the patient is rehabilitating properly with the appropriate exercises and to find out if the patient is experiencing any lingering problems. I am happy to report that the treatment has been a complete success.

David W.

*(This Patient is now playing league hockey again)

"I look forward to a less painful future."

I've had severe lower back pain for several years. I tried pills, potions, lotions, heat belts and medical procedures but nothing provided relief. A former co-worker told me Dr. Dyches had helped her problem using the DRX 9000 spinal decompression system. I contacted Dr. Dyches as a last ditch effort.

After looking at X-rays and hearing my story, Dr. Dyches said we could try decompression but he was not optimistic that he could help my case. During the past four weeks I've had several treatments and am pleased with the results. I'm not perfect by any means but compared to my condition before treatments began, I now feel at least 60% better and feel a bit better each day. I still have pain or discomfort from time to time but at about a level five instead of a ten. I stand straighter and can walk further with less pain and each day feel a bit better.

At age fifteen, three close friends and I contracted polio. My closest friend died within a week and the other two were crippled for life. I survived without crippling but developed scoliosis. After a long recovery period, I lived a very active life, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, hunting and gardening but was unable to do heavy manual labor.

As I grew older, the scoliosis condition worsened. I began having pain in my lower back after any kind of activity. The pain level increased to a point that I had to cut back on every kind of physical activity and spent much of my time in a recliner. I made four trips to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for evaluation, X-rays, epidural steroid spinal shots and a laminectomy operation which cost $25,000. Following the laminectomy and three weeks of recovery time I felt great. I began walking up to two miles each day but after six weeks the pain returned to the same level as before the operation and I had to curtail my walks.

My next treatment was at St. Joseph's hospital in Bellingham, an epidural shot which did not help, then two trips to the University of Washington hospital for epidural shots without relief. I then visited a pain clinic in Barkley Village in Bellingham eight times. The clinic has a great reputation for helping persons with lower back pain. A doctor at the clinic administered five epidural steroid shots followed by a laser nerve burning operation, an extremely painful experience. After a four week recovery period, I had the same pain as before and resigned myself to a life of inactivity before I learned about Dr. Dyches and his treatments. Hopefully the relief given by decompression to date will continue. I look forward to a less painful future.

Dick V.

"Living with Chronic Back Pain was not an option."

On March 16, 2001, the basic things I enjoyed in life were taken away from me. While waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road, I was hit from behind by another vehicle. This accident changed my life. I tried several remedies to help ease my pain, i.e. physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, painkillers, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers. Noting seemed to eliminate the pain.

I had back surgery on April 28, 2004. An anterior discectomy between levels C5, C6, & C7. At the time, I felt this was my only option. The surgery was a success, but it did not alleviate the four bulging discs in my lower back.

My husband found an ad in Sunday's newspaper for a procedure to reduce back pain. After extensive research on DRX9000, I started my treatments in December 2005. At first I thought the program was not working but I stuck with it. I am so glad I did.

As of today March 27, 2006, I am doing things I have not been able to enjoy in 7 years. My first golf tournament is scheduled in June. I have just returned from a vacation, where I walked for an hour every morning. Hard to believe, when just 3 months ago, I had to limit my time on the treadmill to 10 minutes every other day, due to pain in my feet, legs, and lower back.

Dr. Dyches, thank you for giving me my quality of life back. I have achieved a state of wellness that I have only dreamed about for the last 6 years. THANK YOU!

Debra W.


"Charlotte's Webb of Pain"
The Original Owner of Charlotte's Webb
At Pike's Place Market in Seattle, WA

I had such pain in my left leg, more severe than I had ever experienced before. I went to my Doctor and he ordered an MRI and gave me pain pills that were addictive and made me feel awful.

After the MRI came back he sent me to a specialist. After examining the MRI, the specialist said I had 3 options:
1. To take the medication for 5 years or more and eventually it might get better on its own,
2. Have steroid shots,

I chose to try steroid shots, I had to have some help. After I had one shot I heard from many people that it probably would not work, they were right, No Change.

My son-in law is a paramedic and had heard wonderful things about Lumbar traction. I was in tears many times because of intense pain. I couldn't sit to eat or for anything and riding in a car was so painful it limited my life and was very debilitating. It really changed my life.

My husband searched the Internet. We thought the DRX9000 might be the answer. So we contacted Dr. Tim and we liked the way he presented what the machine could do and would not do. We could tell that Dr. Tim was someone you could trust. The only thing we didn't like was that it wasn't covered by our insurance. My husband didn't hesitate for one second and said if it worked my life was worth a lot more than that. With all the pain, I had no life.

The treatments took care of the pain in my left leg and I was thrilled, at last I could sit, stand and lie down without severe pain. However, I then had some pain in my right leg and after sitting I had trouble walking. Dr. Tim did different tests and said he didn't believe it wasn't related to my back.

Because I favored my left leg I had an echo in my right. To make a long story short, he gave me exercises and the new pain went away. I am now pain free and I can't tell you how wonderful it is.

Thanks Dr. Tim and the machine. I would recommend Dr. Tim and the machine to anyone and say to anyone "How much is your pain free life worth?"

I'm not ready to stop living yet.

Sherry B.

"Rapidly Becoming Helpless"

"Dr. Dyches, I must thank you for the (DRX) treatments you have given me. Before we started I could barely walk, climb stairs; in short I was rapidly becoming helpless.

Now I can work in my wood shop, cut the grass and perform most functions concerning maintaining a house and having a normal life again…."

Stan W.

"I lost a wife and a career from my back pain"

"I tried tons of physical therapists, drugs, chiropractors, MDs and nothing helped… I have found Dr. Dyches treatment with the DRX 9000 the most beneficial speaking from 24 years of pain.

I was always grouchy from the pain. It is very depressing to have a physical job and realize you just can't do it any more…

The level of success and reduction of pain is the answer for me, as I can now feel my leg and have a full recovery in my sight. The DRX treatments were definitely worth the investment…."

Rex B.


"Low back pain for years"

"I've experienced lower back pain for years, and then I tried the DRX 9000 treatments by Dr. Dyches. I would recommend the treatments and Dr. Dyches to anyone with degenerative disc disease!"

Shirley B.

"My Other Chiropractor Told Me

I was Going to Have to Live with the Pain!"

I was in a car accident in Feb 2003. I started chiropractic treatment the day after my accident with a different chiropractor.

After one year, I was still experiencing headaches almost 3 times a week. The previous chiropractor told me that I was as well as I was going to get and I was going to have to live with the pain.

I met Dr. Dyches through our referral network (BNI). He talked each week about his practice. Then one day he talked about treatment work. That really sparked my interest. I decided to switch to Dr. Dyches and get better, instead of living with the pain. I have been seeing Dr. Dyches for 6 weeks and have not had a headache since. My treatment has been a terrific experience.

I also bring my son (age 12) to Dr. Dyches for maintenance. He is active in baseball, football and karate and benefits from chiropractic care as well.

Leena K.


Waterskiing Hard and Pain Free!

I grew up enjoying an extremely active childhood and youth. I played sports, water skiing, horse riding and other activities. Sadly, I also had many accidents. The worst was when I was about 13 years old, when I crashed and broke both arms and seriously damaged my spine. From that time on, I suffered with recurring back pain. By the time I reached mature adult life, these episodes became so painful that I could hardly move. Dr Dyches convinced me that what I needed was regular Chiropractic treatment. That was about 6 years ago. We began a treatment program that includes regular Chiropractic adjustments combined with exercises that he gave me.

I have not had one of those bad episodes since we started that intervention program. I am now able to enjoy regular horse back riding and water skiing with no pain or even stiffness. I tell all who are willing to listen to me that Chiropractic intervention has made a huge difference in my life and how I am able to live and enjoy it. Thank you Dr. Dyches!

Mike T.


"I Recommend Chiropractic Care to Anyone to Feel Better

& Be Healthy!"

When I found Dr. Dyches I was suffering from pain in my upper back and shoulder area. I had been to my medical doctor and he prescribed muscle relaxers to take at night. I don’t like taking drugs for anything so I didn’t take the pills and was living with the pain.

I was at the Lynden Home Show when I met Dr. Dyches and Sharon. They were both very nice and seemed willing to help with my pain. I agreed to come to the office for an evaluation. Dr. Dyches let me know that he felt he could eliminate my pain. I started seeing him 3 times a week and slowly went down to once a week.

I have really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Dyches. He and Sharon are very caring people, and great listeners. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who wants to feel better and healthy. I would highly recommend Dr. Dyches!

Crystal M.


"Chiropractic Was a Last Resort for My Pain.

I Wish it Would Have Been My First!"

Previously I’d never been to a chiropractor and was quite skeptical. Dr. Dyches put me at ease right away. He’s very personable and I was comfortable talking to him. The first adjustment scared me, but after that I knew what to expect. I haven’t had a back problem since. I also like his wife, Sharon.

Before I’d always used Tylenol, heating pads, and muscle relaxers. Nothing helped long term. This has! I’m quite relieved!

I also have introduced my son and daughter to chiropractic through Dr. Dyches.

Going to a chiropractor was a last resort for my pain. I wish I would have tried it first.

Kay V.


"I Was in a Car Accident in 1990, and Still Having Headaches 3-5 Days a Week!"

I was in a car accident in 1990 and hurt my neck and lower back. I had gone to a chiropractor whenever my body was in too much pain to handle. I was having headaches 3-5 days a week.

In August of 2003, I met Dr. Dyches and began a treatment plan and felt better with in about a week. After the more intense schedule (3 times of treatment a week), and by doing my exercises, I was able to move back to 2 treatments a week. Now for the last 3 months, I have been able to come in only once a month and still be headache free!

I have been very impressed with the professional behavior and with the treatment. Dr. Dyches is friendly, and very competent in his treatment.

I am a firm believer of chiropractic and definitely recommend it to everyone. I have introduced my husband, children, and mother to Dr. Dyches’ office for treatment.

I am also becoming more aware of the other health benefits of chiropractic, besides just no headaches!

Mel-Beth H.


"I Finally Feel Like I Can Move Again!"

I am a very active person, and as a martial arts instructor, my body sometimes gets pretty beat up. I had been having neck pain, back pain, chronic headaches and loss of neck movement for a couple of years. I hadn’t tried any type of treatments or medications, but when I met Dr. Tim I thought he was cool and he seemed to know his stuff, so I decided to try chiropractic care.

Dr. Tim gave me stretches and put me on a schedule of chiropractic treatments. His office was very nice and relaxed. And Dr. Tim is pretty much the only one I have been able to talk to.

My results with chiropractic have been incredible. It has helped my martial arts tremendously. I recommend Chiropractic to everyone! I finally feel like I can move again!

Zak K.


"I had been suffering for 20 years & was taking muscle relaxants every 4 hours!"

When I came to Dr. Tim, I had been suffering with neck pain, TMJ, headaches and upper back pain for 20 years. I had been to various specialists through the years but not experienced any substantial relief. I had been using strong muscle relaxants for a long time, taking them every four hours and spending most of my day very tired.

I was only going to be in Bellingham for 3 months. I began to see Dr. Tim every day for two weeks. After two weeks I was able to stop taking the muscle relaxants. I experienced a 50% reduction of pain at this time. I then began to see him three times a week and he started me on isometric exercises twice a day.

I have continued to experience at least a 50% reduction in pain in my neck, some days even more like 75%! My upper back pain has disappeared completely. Most of my TMJ pain is gone and I have far less headaches as well. I am convinced that as I continue to strengthen my neck I will see even more success.

Sherry H.

Teen Gets Adjusted For Sports

Hello my name is Garrett and I have been a patient of Dr. Tim for 5 years. The reason that my mom and I started to see Dr. Tim is because we were in a car accident and suffered a mild case of whiplash. Well as soon as we started our treatments let me tell you that the whiplash was soon gone. I still continue to see Dr. Tim because of the sports that I play, Football and Baseball. Whenever I feel stiff from a game I know that I can always go in and get an adjustment.

Garrett K.


"Dr. Dyches Helps Me Be Healthy and Happy"

My Name is Norberto. I’m a married man with two kids, a boy & a girl. We live in Bellingham. I live a balanced life spiritually, emotionally & physically. I must say that physically the balance was broken.

Two years ago I had a lesion on my back. I was in treatment with medical doctors & I got a little better. I was able to return to work, but when I worked hard or a lot, I felt pain on my back and down to my left foot. At nights I couldn’t sleep well, and that worried me. I didn’t believe in chiropractors. Finally I decided to try it. It turned out better than I had expected.

Now if someone asked me if I believe in chiropractors, I would say Yes, Yes, I believe! And if someone asks me why I recommend Dr. Dyches, my answer is that it worked for me. I now have the balance that I had once lost. Besides good treatment, he is sincere. God bless him. I keep going to Dr. Tim and he keeps helping me be healthy physically and to become happy again emotionally and spiritually.

Norberto C.

"Chiropractic has been an Enjoyable Experience!"

I came in to Dr. Dyches office with tightness and pain in my shoulders and upper back area, as well as occasional pain in my lower back. I hadn’t tried any previous treatments or medications for this condition, but on the recommendation of a friend I came in to see if Dr. Dyches could help me.

I did have doubts that chiropractic could help, but Dr. Dyches did make a good impression on me. He seemed knowledgeable, and there was a soothing atmosphere in his office, so I gave it a try.

Over the few months that I have been in chiropractic care, and with the exercises and stretches Dr. Dyches showed me to do, my back feels much better. I have found chiropractic to be an enjoyable experience. I have now told a dozen or so others about chiropractic.

Tony R.


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